Ancient Foundations Unearthed in Athens

ancient mosaic

Excavation works that began on the 7th October 2022 as part of a project carried out by the Municipality of Athens for the regeneration of the Theatre Square area, has brought to light vital antiquities of the late Roman times.

The antiquities were discovered at an average depth of one metre as part of the ongoing excavation of the southern part of the square.

Based on the findings to date, it has been established that these are the architectural remains of a reasonably extensive building complex. The partially uncovered find comprises of different spaces which had been constructed at a low height. A middle space, with a side length of 7.4 metres, is delimited by marble stone plinths in the form of a column, with grooves on their upper surface to inserting railings or breastplates. The floors of the rooms were covered with opus sectile marble and mosaic with stylised floral and geometric decoration, parts of which were preserved in good condition and testify to the luxurious character of the building.

Earlier excavations in neighbouring properties have revealed architectural elements (brickwork, mosaic floors) that seem to belong to the same building complex.

Further investigation of the remains is expected to yield evidence for identification, precise chronological documentation and its eventual emergence.


The main focus of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is to illuminate and save unknown aspects of the historical and archaeological development of the centre of Athens. At the same time, effort is being made to avoid, as far as possible, delays in the critical project implemented by the Municipality of Athens for the regeneration of the Square.

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