Emirates flight: The suspect wanted by the CIA is a Turkish national

emirates 209 parked m3

The 35-year-old man had tried to obtain a visa to attempt to travel to New York as a refugee.

According to information from Protothema.gr, the wanted man was a 35-year-old Turkish national who was going to commit a terrorist act on a flight departing from Athens "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport heading to New York on either November 10 and 11 flying Emirates.

The 35-year-old had tried to obtain a visa to travel to New York as a refugee is believed to be a member of a terrorist organization.

The same source stated that the 35-year-old had entered Greece from Turkey two or three years ago and was residing in Athens under asylum status.

He had applied for asylum and the Greek authorities had granted him a temporary residence permit until 2025.

According to the source the man was not on either flight.

After information was received from the CIA was evaluated as serious. The authorites suspected that a wanted passenger was on board one if the emirates flights leaving from Athens.

One flight was stopped before taking off and the second was returned to Athens and everyone was re checked before being allowed to disembark from the terminal.