The first photos of the [email protected] frigate "Admiral Ronard" - Panagitopoulos in attendance

France: Photos of the first Belh@rra frigate "Admiral Ronard" released

Naval Group published on Thursday the first photos of the FDI (Defence and Intervention) frigate [email protected], which will be delivered to the French Navy, named "Admiral Ronard".

In the released photos, the frigate can be seen leaving the shipyard's construction center in Lorient, while according to the Naval Group update, the ship will carry the mast with the powerful Sea Fire 500 radar, which can, according to specifications, engages multiple targets at a range greater than 160 km.

It is worth noting that the next frigate that will come out of the same shipyard in about a year, will be given to the Greek Navy under the name "Kimon".

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos was present at the launching ceremony. It is recalled that on Monday, Nikos Panagiotopoulos was present at the launching ceremony of the first FDI FR1 frigate, which is intended for the French Navy.

As the Minister of Defence stated, the launch of the world's first digital 'Defence and Intervention' frigate FDI FR1, which is intended for the naval forces of France, in conjunction with the acquisition of the new frigates for the Greek Navy and the arrival of the of RAFALE aircraft, underlines the strong will of the two countries, "to further strengthen their cooperation for stability and prosperity in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, based on the rules of International Law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea".

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It is also "a milestone on the way to realising the strategic vision of two partners towards European strategic autonomy, which also contributes, essentially, to the strengthening of the transatlantic alliance.

"A strengthening that is needed today more than ever, after the Russian attack on Ukraine and revisionism in our region, which are a flagrant violation of fundamental principles of International Law", he added.

At the same time, Panagiotopoulos expressed his great satisfaction with the progress of the simultaneous construction, at the "Naval Group" shipyards, of the second "Defence and Intervention" frigate, intended for the Greek Navy and welcomed the cooperation of the Naval Group with Greek companies of the defense industry, "as is also provided for in the agreement for the establishment of a Strategic Partnership between Greece and France.

"We look forward to the expansion of this cooperation, so that it extends to more companies and more programs, and I would like to recognise the decisive contribution of of the French Ministry of Defence, in all stages of the implementation of the armament programs, between our two governments", he added.

The Minister of National Defence wished his French counterpart every success in his work and in France's goals and aspirations.

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