This Sunday Greece hosts original Marathon in Athens

Athens marathon

On Sunday, Greece will play home to one of the longest running competitions in the world with more than 45,000 amateur and professional athletes from 92 different nations and 3,500 volunteers.

The 42-kilometer marathon, which follows the route used by the Greek messenger Pheidippides, who raced from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce Greece's victory over the Persians, is projected to bring in 20 million euros for the government.

Sakorafa, Deputy Sports Minister Lefteris Avgenakis and Marathon Mayor Stergios Tsikras joined a panel of guests which included Greek long-distance runners Kostas Gkelaouzos and Katerina Asimakopoulou.

History of the Athens Marathon

The Marathon has always had a prominent place in the hearts and minds of athletes. It represents the ultimate athletic effort —where the human body, mind and soul are tested to their limits.

The Athens Marathon is the ultimate Marathon experience, recreating each year the incredible run that started it all 2,500 years ago. Whether you’re a runner or not, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore this site and learn more about the Athens Marathon, and why it has such a special place in the hearts of runners throughout the world.