Erdoğan's new fierce attack on Greece and the USA - "Biden is hiding terrorists"

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan government

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made new incendiary statements against Athens and Washington from Uzbekistan, where he currently is.

The Turkish president launched a new attack against Greece, accusing the country of supporting terrorist organisations (meaning the Gülenists) through the Lavrio migrant centre, while he also expressed his strong annoyance with the American presence in the Port of Alexandroupolis.

The language used by Erdoğan for the American government and Joe Biden was particularly harsh after saying the president was hiding terrorists, and more specifically Fethullah Gülen, head of FETÖ.

Turkey's bid to complete the purchase of F-16 jets would be "much easier" if Republicans end up controlling the US Senate, Erdoğan is quoted as saying today, according to reports in Anadolu and other Turkish media outlets.

"Hopefully next month will be filled with some good news and move in a very positive direction on the F-16 issue," Erdoğan reportedly told reporters on a flight from Uzbekistan. "If the Republicans pick up the few seats they need in the Senate, things will be much easier for us."

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