Greece to crackdown on tax dodgers

Greece introduces a single tax rate of 7% Fragogiannis

Τax dodgers are about to find life a lot more difficult in Greece as a crackdown is about to begin with the aim of increasing revenues at a moment of crucial importance for the country.

AADE (Public Revenues Independent Authority) has assumed a series of initiatives which start to unveil the one after the other which significantly limit the action space of the tax evaders by profession.

2023 is a very important year for this endeavour as a lot of significant project will be implemented with top of all the interconnection of cash registers with POS and Taxis.

In this way all the figures of the receipts will be sent in real time to the tax bureau and the authority will have a clearer picture.

It is also planned the mandatory installation of POS to all the sectors of self-employed and enterprises.

It is noted that POS in not mandatory in a series of enterprises as for example, gyms, parking, cinemas, theatres, car rental and others.