Turkish analyst: US base in Alexandroupolis wants to prevent our 'ability to act' on the Evros

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The American base in Alexandroupolis aims to prevent Turkey from having the "ability to act" on the Evros , i.e. a land-based military attack towards Greece, defiantly argued the analyst and retired brigadier general Özgür Tör.

Speaking on a Haber Turk show, Tör referred to the number of American bases in Greece and the importance of Alexandroupolis for the US, which - as he says - targets Turkey and not Russia, as is the official position of Washington.

"Alexandroupolis is very close to Turkey and our border. NATO says that the concentration of military forces there is aimed at Russia. But there is no logic in this since there is Bulgaria and Romania in between, but also Turkey in the Black Sea," said the analyst.

"The base in Alexandroupolis is a plan for the US to respond through the proxy state, to its operations of Turkey in Syria and Iraq. They aim to block our ability to act here in Evros at 200 kilometres and along the entire length of the border," he concluded.

In another part of the show, and in front of a map of the Aegean islands, Tör argued that the Greek military exercises on the islands and in the sea are aimed at "closing" the port of (Σμύρνη, Turkish: İzmir), limiting Turkey's access to the sea.

"Here we see the islands opposite the Straits. The islands of Lesvos and Chios as well as the Dodecanese. If we look at the military exercises they are doing off the coast of Chios, they aim to close the port of İzmir to us."

Complementing the former soldier's non-existent claim, journalist Oya Tsembi claimed that Greece seeks to "squeeze" Turkey in the Aegean.

"In other words, they are trying to isolate us from the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Here we are talking about a structure that tries to squeeze us," she said in surprise.

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