Erdoğan's newest provocation: "Greece doesn't know its limits; don't mess with us, we may suddenly come"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made new provocative statements about Greece in the press conference he gave from the G20 summit, in which he is participating in.

Asked about Turkey 's relations with Greece and whether this was discussed in the meeting with US President Joe Biden, Erdoğan mentioned.

* Sudden invasion overnight is still on table
* Don't mess with Turks, know your place,
* Arming islands won't save Greeks from Turkey's fury
* Better learn a lesson from history
* Greece is no match for Turkey


The Turkish president, in fact, repeated his threat with the phrase "we may suddenly come one night," a statement said before Turkey invaded northern Cyprus in 1974, adding that "these are kind words for me."

Erdoğan also referred to Greece's eastern Aegean islands, saying "arm them as much as you want, none of this will benefit you. Turkey is here, you will know your place. If you read history and the past you will see it. All the planes and weapons that come will be of no use."


The Turkish president was also asked about Greece's reaction regarding the decision of the Organization of Turkic States to grant observer status to the Turkish Cypriot pseudo -state and he replied:

"The decision taken was legal. We do not need the permission of anyone and any country. We will give the necessary response to those countries that approach the issue negatively."

Missile in Poland and grain agreement

In the same press conference, the president of Turkey also referred to the issue of the missile that fell in Poland, stating that he respects Moscow's denial that the missile that killed two Polish citizens was fired by Russia.

"The claim that this is a Russian missile would be a challenge. We are making every effort to bring Ukraine and Russia to the (negotiating) table. The provocations do not help," assessed the Turkish president.

"Russia's announcement that it has nothing to do with them and Biden's statements that these missiles are not Russian-made show that this has nothing to do with Russia," he added.

Erdoğan noted that the situation should be investigated and that he would hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he returns to Turkey

The Turkish president also said he was "convinced" that the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports would be extended after November 19, while adding that Ankara was making an effort to extend it for a year, in an interview he gave on the sidelines of the meeting G20 in Bali.

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