Italian and French Navy join Greece, Cyprus to protect East Med against Turkish threats


Italian, French, Greek and Cypriot naval powers have joined forces in an act of solidarity to protect the Eastern Mediterranean against security threats including potential Turkish aggression.

The National Defence Ministers of Greece, Italy, France, and Cyprus met on the sidelines of the Council of the European Union's Foreign Relations/Defence meeting on Tuesday and discussed coordination and collaboration before security threats in the East Mediterranean region.

In the quadrilateral meeting, Greece's Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Italy's Guido Crosetto, France's SĂ©bastien Lecornu and Cyprus' Charalambos Petrides also agreed to raise the number of joint exercises and boost military collaboration among their countries, a Greek ministry statement said.

France's Defence Minister Lecornu took the initiative for the Brussels meeting, which also included a review of the recent exercise 'Eunomia 3-22'.