Jennifer Aniston: Who are her half-brothers and how are they related?

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Jennifer Aniston announced a few days ago that her father John Anthony Aniston passed away. This news also reminds us of her two half-brothers, John Melick III and Alexander “AJ” Aniston.

You might have thought that the beloved Rachel from Friends was an only child, but that's not the case, as she has one half-brother from her mother and one from her father.

Jennifer's late mom, Nancy Dow, welcomed John III during her first marriage to Jack Melick in 1959. Her dad, John Aniston — whose death was recently announced on Nov. 11 at age 89 — welcomed AJ during his second marriage to Sherry Rooney in 1989.

Over the years, the actress has rarely been photographed alongside her half-siblings; though they have occasionally joined her at premieres, they have kept their personal lives private. John III has pursued a career in the film industry — but unlike his mother and half-sister, both actors, he remains behind the camera.

For the most part, Aniston does not mention her siblings to press, though she publicly referenced John III when their mom died in May 2016. As for AJ, he lives a nomadic lifestyle completely out of the public eye.

While Jennifer hasn't spoken about him publicly, he has opened up to reporters about his half-sister in the past.

Jennifer has been open about her strained relationship with her family. "I forgave my mom... I forgave my father. I've forgiven my family," Jennifer said during an interview for Allure's December 2022 cover story. "Who among us hasn't tried — successfully or not — to forgive our family? ... Families are things to be forgiven."

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John Melick III

John Melick III

John Melick III is the son of Nancy Dow and her first husband Jack Melick. The former couple wed in 1956 and welcomed their only child together in 1959.

After Nancy and Jack split, she married John Aniston in 1965. The two welcomed one child together, daughter Jennifer, in 1969, making John III her older half-brother.

John III occasionally appeared out in public with Jennifer, including at the Picture Perfect premiere with Jennifer and his stepfather John Aniston. Jennifer also mentioned her brother in a statement given after Dow's death: "It is with great sadness that my brother John [Melick] and I announce the passing of our mother Nancy Dow," the actress said.

Like Nancy and Jennifer, John III has a career in the entertainment industry. He is an assistant director and production manager known for his work on 1992's Universal Soldier, 2012's Piranha 3DD and 2003's Thirteen.

In August 1995, John III married Shannon Melick. According to Los Angeles court documents, it appears that Shannon has filed for divorce from her husband, but it remains unclear what their relationship status is currently. Information on their kids remain private.

Alexander Aniston

Alexander Aniston

After Jennifer's father John split from Nancy, he married for a second time. John wed Sherry Rooney in 1984. The two welcomed one child together, son Alexander "AJ" Aniston, in 1989. AJ is the second of Jennifer's half-brothers.

Unlike Jennifer and her half-brother John, AJ has not pursued a career in the entertainment industry and keeps a low profile. The last time he was seen publicly with Jennifer was when he attended the premiere of her film Along Came Polly in 2004, when he was 14.

Nine years later, he opened up to a Daily Mail reporter at the Burning Man music festival when asked for a comment on his sister. "It's been happening since middle school [people asking about Jennifer]. It's been a pain in my ass for years. No comment."

According to the Daily Mail, AJ has adopted a nomadic lifestyle, and has "Live Free" inked across his chest and "Down to Cuddle" tattooed on his lower stomach.

Jennifer hasn't spoken about him in any public interviews.

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