Former MasterChef Judge Greek Australian Chef George Calombaris makes a return to television

George Calombaris

Former MasterChef judge Greek Australian chef George Calombaris, 44, is returning to Australian TV Network 10, starring in a new cooking show called "Hungry" which will explore his Greek heritage.

Calombaris  new show will appear in the 'tea-time' 6.30 pm slot and premiere later this month with co-host Sarah Todd helping narrate the unique stories that melt together the traditions of generational cooking and modern innovation.

According to the network, "Hungry" sets out to take viewers on a rich cultural expedition, from exploring George’s favourite childhood eateries in Mulgrave in suburban Melbourne to learning the inspiration behind some of Melbourne’s top restaurants and meeting the everyday Australians that make food for the soul.

"Hungry" premieres Saturday 26th November at 6:30 pm on Channel 10 and 10play