POLYTECHNIC UPRISING: Three metro stations will be closed tomorrow at 16:30

syntagma metro polytechnic uprising

The Greek Police have decided on November 17 to close the "Megaro Mousikis" metro station at 3:00 p.m. and the "Syntagma" and "Evangelismos" stations at 4:00 p.m. due to the events and the march to commemorate the Polytechnic Uprising anniversary.

Trains will pass through the stations non-stop, with the stations expected to open after the march to the US embassy is completed in the late afternoon.

Emergency traffic arrangements are still in force today in the centre of Athens for the 49th anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising. There will also be changes and modifications to the routes of the Mass Transportation.

The extraordinary traffic regulations due to the celebratory events for the "49th Anniversary of the Polytechnic", will be in effect until Friday (11/18), on the road network of the wider area of ​​the centre of Athens.

Greek police announced on Monday that it will impose heavy security measures, with the deployment of more than 5,500 police officers in Athens to prevent clashes that frequently broke out between police and leftist demonstrators during the celebration.

The measures will be of a similar level as those adopted in 2019, before the pandemic, a meeting at the Attica police headquarters decided.

According to Athens-Macedonian News Agency police sources, police officers from outside the Attica region will be brought in as reinforcements with while a ‘safety net’ will be spread over the city of Athens from November 16, the day before the anniversary.

Special attention will be given to the protection of universities, embassies and government buildings while undercover police officers will be stationed at critical locations in central Athens and police checks will be carried out as a precaution.

Drones and helicopters will provide a real-time picture to the Hellenic Police operations center and special armored water cannons will be stationed in downtown Athens and the wider area, ready to intervene if it is deemed necessary.


Avoid all demonstrations as a routine security precaution and mitigate associated disruptions. Heed instructions from security services and leave the area at the first sign of a confrontation. Check public transport schedules and local traffic conditions for disruptions and allow extra time for travel in Athens. Monitor local media for updates on commemorative events.

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