Greek Research: More than 55% of work can be done remotely

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A survey of more than 250 companies throughout Greece, conducted by SEV as part of the European programme SEVSOCDIAL for teleworking, found that more than 55% of work can be done remotely, more than seven out of 10 companies already implement a hybrid teleworking model, and more than 60% believe that teleworking has definitely had a positive/somewhat positive impact on productivity.

The programme focuses on three major challenges concerning:

A) the adaptation of the national social dialogue (procedures, priority of issues, methodology) to the new conditions created by teleworking,

B) the provision of support to businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, for the successful transition to a new, hybrid model of organising work, and

C) the adaptation of the existing institutional framework.

In addition, there are plans to create a practical guide for teleworking addressed to businesses and the executives involved, with the aim of covering all the issues that need to be taken into account for the effective implementation of teleworking.

The research findings, as well as several other teleworking issues, will be discussed during a conference scheduled for December 1. Upon completion of the conference, a practical guide to teleworking will be made available and free of charge to all interested parties.