Kos: Dramatic pursuit of a human trafficker - Greek Coast Guard shot to stop him (VIDEO)

Greek Hellenic Coast Guard Kos

The port police's pursuit of a human trafficker, who had transported illegal immigrants to Kos, proved to be episodic as footage shows.

The inflatable boat, manned by the human trafficker, was spotted on Wednesday morning by a patrol boat of the Kalymnos Port Authority a few minutes after illegal immigrants disembarked in the Skandari area of ​​Kos, which was noticed by soldiers at an observation post.

Although the port guards used light and sound signals in the pursuit, the human trafficker did not stop and attempted to escape towards Turkey.


As stated in the Coast Guard's announcement: "a pursuit followed, during which the vessel in question made dangerous maneuvers, resulting in warning shots being fired in a safe area."

"Subsequently, targeted shots were fired at the outboard engine of the above speedboat, which was immobilised and its 32-year-old foreign operator was arrested as a trafficker," added the announcement of the Coast Guard.

Investigations followed in the wider area and finally four illegal immigrants were identified, of which two were arrested. The other two were minors.

A preliminary investigation into the incident is being conducted by the Port Authority of Kos.

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