How Filoxenia made it to Greece

When Greek City Times last spoke with FiloXenia, the guys were gearing up to perform for our exclusive ‘Live in L0ckdown sessions’, a series produced by GCT designed to provide much-needed Saturday night entertainment to audiences around the globe during times of the harshest pandemic restrictions.

One year later, they are packing their bags and getting ready to hit the world stage, with multiple performances and gigs booked across Greece in 2023!

Bouzouki player, Gregory Georgiou, DJ George Savva and Percussionist Arky Kalithrakas are the three gifted musicians who together form the modern Greek sensation that is the band ‘FiloXenia.’

“We are beyond excited. It’s incredible news,” says Arky speaking to Greek City Times about the band’s up and coming performances in Greece next summer.

“To say it’s a dream come true is an understatement. We’re officially there now, where our souls have been.

“Our music, the songs that we play, down to our bloodline. Everything stems from Greece.”

Taking their band name from the ancient Greek value of ‘philoxenia’ (hospitality), which tops the list of virtues and still lives on today in modern Greece, FiloXenia is a culmination of two important Greek phrases: ‘filo’, meaning friend; and ‘xeni’, meaning strangers. In Greek culture, this concept of love and friendship towards strangers remains at the core of every community, every family, and every individual.

From a casual jam session, where the trio came together to meet officially for the first time, the reputation of the band has grown to that of an international presence, supporting renowned acts such as Nikiforos.

“Who would have thought that four years ago when we were jamming at Arky’s house, that we’d be heading to Greece to perform?!” the guys ask incredulously.

The guys have definitely come a long way indeed - from jam sessions in Arky’s parents' garage all the way to producing their own music, which is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music YouTube and Soundcloud, and showcases original songs that bring an even greater air of authenticity to the FiloXenia brand.

In addition to their first single ‘Run Away’, released in 2019, FiloXenia has since produced three more songs: 'Alle Alle’, ‘Bouzouka’ and ‘BOSS’, bringing the number of original tracks released by the band to four, together reaching over 1 million streams on Spotify.

“Which is pretty exciting,” FiloXenia agree, describing their own ingenious sound as “modern dance music infused with the sound of Greece.”

“The audience will be enjoying our sounds of modern dance music and then all of a sudden they’ll hear a familiar tune that they probably last heard at their yiayia’s barbeque,” laughs Arky.

“It’s incredible to see the reaction.”

With Greece on the horizon for next year, in the meantime FiloXenia will be celebrating the end of this year by teaming up with the all-new SEADECK Sydney to bring to fans multiple events over summer, with the first kicking-off next Friday 25 November 20022.

After a two year hiatus on Sydney Harbour, the 42-metre, 400 passenger vessel is back under new ownership with a jaw-dropping facelift to bring a new era of SEADECK.

Partygoers can indulge their senses in a taste of the European lifestyle on the iconic Sydney Harbour enjoying a summer night filled with FiloXenia entertainment over three opulent decks, surrounded by 360 degree harbour views.

Don’t miss FiloXenia in Sydney, Australia this summer before their Greece tour in 2023. Limited tickets still available. Grab yours before the event sells out very soon:

Sunset Sessions


25 November 2022

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