Greece leads Europe in excess mortality whilst most see decline in numbers


Greece leads Europe in excess mortality rates whilst in most EU members states the numbers are declining. Excess mortality refers to the number of deaths from all causes measured during a crisis, above what could be observed in ‘normal’ conditions.

According to the latest Eurostat report, the highest rates in September 2022 were recorded in Finland and Greece (both +17%), followed by Estonia (+16%), and Germany (+15%). Meanwhile, besides Slovakia, the lowest rates were recorded in Luxembourg (+2%), Hungary (+2%), Bulgaria (+3%), Slovenia (+4%) and Latvia (+5%), all less than half of the EU average.

Excess mortality rates continued to vary across the EU Member States. All Member States registered positive rates, except for Slovakia, which decreased to -2% from the +11% rate recorded in August 2022.

The EU registered earlier major peaks in excess deaths in April 2020 (+25%), November 2020 (+40%), April 2021 (+21%) and November 2021 (+27%).

Compared with the same months of previous years, the excess mortality rate was +8% in September 2020 (28 000 excess deaths) and +13% in September 2021 (44 000 excess deaths).

This information comes from data on excess mortality published by Eurostat, based on weekly deaths data collection.