Greek tourism exceeds 18 billion euros for 2022


The revenues from Greek tourism have already exceeded 18 billion euros this year, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said to the press on Friday, on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the presidents of the Hellenic Hoteliers' Federation held in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the 37th Philoxenia exhibition.
"The Bank of Greece is releasing the official figures in March but I believe that we have already exceeded the finance ministry's target of 15 billion euros in revenues and we will see where it will end," Kikilias said.

Kikilias also underlined that Greece is among the top tourism brands worldwide and "the country that all the planet loves".

PHILOXENIA is the annual tourism exhibition that since 1985, its first organization, till today, outlines the profile of the tourism business in the country maintaining its strong brand name through the years. It is organized every November at the International Exhibition & Conference Center of Thessaloniki and constitutes a very strong meeting point of the tourism in Greece. Based on the new conditions in the tourism market, PHILOXENIA adapts to the new data, coordinated with the needs of the professionals as well as of the travelers, and contributes to the promotion of destinations and their high level services.

The three-day tourism event is attended by companies and organizations from all over the tourism spectrum (Greek and international tourist destinations, hotels, travel agencies, travel agents, specialized press and media), as well as by selected invited buyers - hosted buyers - from the target countries for the industry. Enriched with interesting thematic presentations, workshops, and targeted conference events, Philoxenia is a dynamic "tool" that contributes substantially to the development of Greek tourism.