Thessaloniki: A German paedophile who pretended to be a policeman was arrested

Police car Greece Greek thessaloniki

Authorities handcuffed a 35-year-old German man outside his house in the Thessaloniki neighbourhood of Sykes on Thursday night .

Three Arrest Warrants were pending against the 35-year-old from the German Authorities, as well as an International Arrest Warrant for fraud and cybercrime, Proto Thema reported.

He has been in Greece since at least 2019, and moving with I.X.E. car, which had German license plates, was moving in areas of Thessaloniki, as well as in the Prefectures of Drama, Kavala and Serres, pretending at other times to be the German police officer who serves in a special unit in our country.

As it was ascertained, the 35-year-old had nothing to do with the German Police and the documents he possessed, which according to his claims to prove his alleged status, were fake.

In addition, a mobile phone was found in his possession, ​​which contained a large number of child pornographic photos and videos.

A further investigation revealed that the alleged perpetrator, wearing a Greek Police uniform, went to a city hospital, where he underwent in a series of exams pretending to be a police officer.

In subsequent searches of the vehicle and his home, two government license plates from the German authorities, at least one of which was fake, were found, as well as various referrals and medical tests from a hospital, forged pay slips from the German authorities, documents with another person's identity information, and a full Greek police uniform.

The arrested person, with the case filed against him for possession of pornographic material of minors under the age of 12, forgery of certificates and counterfeiting, was taken to the prosecutor.

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