Tsitsipas angrily threw the ball at his father – SEE the crowd reaction

Stefanos Tsitsipas

For Stefanos Tsitsipas, nothing went well in the 3rd set in the match against Rublev, which gave him a place in the semi-finals of the ATP Finals.

Rublev claimed victory by maintaining composure, unlike Tsitsipas, who was losing his temper as time went on.

The video shows a moment in the 3rd set where the Greek loses his composure.

With the balls in his hands and with the score at 0-30, Tsitsipas threw the ball towards the side where his team and his father Apostolos were, with the crowd applauding his action.

Shortly after, the tense scene continued. Apostolos Tsitsipas in a strong tone conveyed instructions to Stefanos Tsitsipas from the position where he was sitting and was clearly disappointed with the fact that his son could not do on the court what he was telling him he had to do in order to win the match.

Tsitsipas’ prize money

Stefanos Tsitsipas may not have made it to the semi-finals of the ATP Finals, but he banked nearly 700,000 euros.

According to the ATP, Tsitsipas received 318,099 euros for the three matches he won in the group stage, while for his one victory he received another 381,023 euros.

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