General Floros' message to Turkey: “Anyone threatening Greek soil will face a new Marathon”

The Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros GEETHA Turkey

General Konstantinos Floros, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, sent an indirect warning to Turkey on the eve of the Day of Armed forces, stressing that anyone thinking of attacking Greece would be faced with a new Marathon.

His comment was an indirect response to the Turkish threats and to the statements of top analysts in Turkey that Ankara’s operation in Syria and northern Iraq “was a message to Greece”.

“The high morale, the professionalism, the determination, the unshakable will but above all the power of your weapons and the fire of your Soul are the best guarantee that Greece will remain strong, free, and independent, whoever threatens us, whoever, if they decide to come, at whatever time they choose to do so!’," emphasised Floros.

“We desire peace and we are working for it… but whoever makes the fatal mistake of ‘coming’, let them know beforehand that they will face a new Marathon, a new Salamis, and a new 731, and I am sure that the Greek Arms will still be glorified once again, giving the good fight, like so many times in the past," he said.

"Even for a speck of soil, for a rock, for a Greek stone. Because all these exist because we paid a heavy blood tax to have them. Heavy, very heavy,” the military chief added.

Addressing the officers of the Armed Forces,Floros urged “with the same determination, calmness and at the same time unwavering to give, if necessary and whenever necessary, with an indomitable and unyielding momentum the only response that the Greeks give when their existence is threatened."

"You have it written in your DNA, it was given to us by our forefathers, and it is known to everyone!!!” he concluded.

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