SALT BAE: Nusret builds a nightclub in Mykonos and dreams of a 20 million euro turnover

Nusret, Mykonos Salt Bae

To turn his already profitable business in Mykonos into a multipurpose entertainment venue to make even more money, Nusret Gökçe, commonly known as Salt Bae, has become even more ambitious.

With the turnover of the restaurant exceeding 11 million euros per season, the forecast for the club that he is preparing right next to it is expected to have a turnover exceeding 20 million euros and compete equally with the big beach restaurants of Mykonos, such as Nammos and Scorpios.

The Turkish-Kurdish businessman was in Mykonos a few days ago to finish the procedural issues with the permits and to start construction works.

At the same time, he met with the civil engineers who have undertaken the renovation of the house he recently bought for 2.2 million euros, which is located above Chora, not far from the restaurant.

One of the main reasons prompting the restaurateur to choose this property over something more modern is perhaps the most obvious: the residence is only a three-minute walk from his restaurant.


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Shadows behind the sale

Something that has been hotly discussed lately in Mykonos is the way in which the property is going to pass into his hands. The locals talk about unfair means used by third parties in order to get ahead. possibly for their personal benefit.

Nusret had turned to a specific real estate agency that had undertaken the sale of the residence on behalf of its Athenian owner, but then the facts changed. A third person was allegedly involved in the purchase and sale, as a result of which the brokerage office was excluded from the purchase and sale.

This development, if the above information applies,it is not excluded that it will bring legal adventures for the owner of the property and all those involved in the purchase and sale, who risk being accused of embezzlement.

Always in these cases the broker is vindicated and even compensated with interest from the day the contract was drawn up, as long as he has the evidence that he was the one who indicated the property to the prospective buyer.

And from what is heard in Mykonos, the evidence exists from the electronic correspondence exchanged between the parties involved in the purchase and sale.

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