Armenian Security Council: Removing Pakistan from FATF grey list creates difficulties in fighting terror

armen grigoryan FATF Pakistan

The Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armen Grigoryan, warned on November 18 that removing Pakistan from the FATF Grey List on terror financing will create difficulties in the fight against terrorism.

Speaking to ANI, Grigoryan said, “I know how India is impacted by terrorism and the kind of challenges it creates. Terrorism is one of the security challenges of India and Armenia supports it in its fight against terrorism.”

“The FATF list is very important and it helps to fight and target terrorist groups...For sure, this kind of removal will not help. It will create more difficulties. I know how India is more impacted by terrorists. What kind of challenges it creates and which kind of security environment India lives,” he added.

He answered in response to the question of how the fight against terrorirism will help if countries such as Pakistan would be removed from the FATF Grey List. Global terror-financing watchingdog FATF announced last month that Pakistan would be removed from its grey list, claiming the country has largely completed actions on anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Commenting on terror financing through the dark web, social media crowdfunding and other methods, the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia said, "Actually new technology creates a positive impact and creates opportunities to meet challenges that humanity has. It brings also security challenges. So, social networks and other resources can be used by terrorists for bad purposes."

“For all states, there should be a major goal in order to make sure that the social networks and other means of technologies can be used only in the interest of humanity, economic development, and in the interest of increasing security and not create security challenges.”

Grigoryan also stressed that “Terror impacts every country and everyone is negatively impacted by terror. Everyone understands that alone no one can meet the challenges of terrorism. That is why all countries should bring their effort together in order to fight terrorism.”

Armenia is impacted negatively by terrorists in the context of Azerbaijan during the 2020 war, said Grigoryan when asked about the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

He further said “Azerbaijan used terrorist groups and mercenaries”, and that the “financing of these terrorists came from Azerbaijan”.
“Armenia has facts of these. Two of the terrorists are imprisoned in Armenia and they gave a lot of details and information about how they participated in the 2020 war. So, Azerbaijan continues to use terrorist groups,” Grigoryan said.

Armenia is part of 78 countries and multilateral organisations which are part of the ‘No Money For Terror’ Ministerial Conference which is being organized in New Delhi between November 18 and 19.

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