CAUGHT! Female serial killer began murderous spree in Greece over 10 years ago

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Police are trying to ascertain as to whether a 45-year-old domestic helper, who admitted to the murder of a 75-year-old woman in Rhodes and confessed to killing three others, is telling the truth.

She allegedly told the police, Proto Thema reported, that her murderous spree began 10 years ago when, as she claimed, she killed a 63-year-old woman by overdosing her blood pressure medication. The next day, she went to the funeral and even wore black.

The woman, who was arrested for the murder of the 75-year-old, told the police that she committed the murder after she had been discharged from the Leros psychiatric hospital.

 The 45-year-old who was arrested and confessed to four murders
The 45-year-old who was arrested and confessed to four murders

The second victim of the 45-year-old domestic helper is reportedly an 86-year-old woman whom she took care of two years ago for a fee of 650 euros. The 45-year-old told officers she had been looking after the woman for about a year and they slept together in twin beds pushed together.

The unfortunate old lady, the housekeeper said, had colitis and diabetes and when she stopped taking her schizophrenia pills, she put yogurt and sugar or honey in a syringe and gave it to her.

As she told the police, a day later the elderly woman was taken to the hospital, where she died a week later. The 45-year-old claimed that she did not intend to kill her and that she gave her the specific food mixture because she was not eating as she was infected with coronavirus.

The 45-year-old's third victim, in her statement to police, was a 70-year-old woman suffering from dementia, who she said she was beating because she would not eat her food. She claimed she beat the 70-year-old because he was upset because he had stopped taking treatment for schizophrenia.

According to the assessment of the 45-year-old domestic worker, she is the one who is responsible for this death as she had hit her on the head and did not feed her properly.

However, regarding the specific death, the police contacted the relatives of the elderly woman who stated that her death occurred after a longer period of time and not the five days that the 45-year-old claims.

They even stated that they relieved the domestic helper from her duties much earlier than when the 70-year-old had passed away.

The lawyer described the 45-year-old as a "troubled woman".

"No one can find a logical reason for her action," he said to ERT South Aegean, conveying that she claimed to him that she was driven by her sorrow for what the elderly woman was going through due to her poor health.

The 45-year-old's lawyer, after pointing out that 20 years ago the woman was locked up in an institution when she tried to kill her child, said the woman was a "ticking time bomb."

The murder of the 75-year-old

The murder was revealed by the 45-year-old herself, who on Monday called the police and said "come, I choked her."

According to Dimokratiki, it was 08:25 on Monday morning when the 45-year-old called the police and said: "I choked Flora, come".

She gave instructions to the police, who rushed to the scene with the ambulance.

The 45-year-old woman was waiting for the police at the house of the 75-year-old bedridden woman and informed them that in the early hours of the same day she suffocated her with a pillow without any reason.

As it emerged from the preliminary investigation, the 45-year-old first placed her hand on the elderly woman's face while she was lying awake in bed and then put the pillow over her face and killed her.

The ambulance crew found the 75-year-old woman in bed and tried to bring her back as until that time she had a weak pulse, however, despite the superhuman efforts of the first responders, this was not possible and finally a short time later, they certified her death.

Under cross-examination, the 45-year-old confessed to her actions, claiming that she had stopped taking the anti-psychotic medication she was prescribed to treat her schizophrenia as it was causing her severe sedation.

By not taking her medication, she described her version of events in a slurred speech, sometimes to the point that the officers did not understand her. She claimed the elderly woman upset her by not letting her calm down and killed her.

It is noted that the 75-year-old has a child who is housed in an institution, while the perpetrator has also been hospitalised in the past at the Leros psychiatric hospital.

She has a child that she had tried to strangle with a belt in the past. It was for this reason she had lost custody of the child, who was given to the grandmother.

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