Marianda Lambou: European chess champion at just nine years old!

Marianda Lambou

She learned chess in kindergarten but now at the age of nine, Marianda Lambou, is already the European champion for girls under ten years old - first among 65 girls from 30 countries.

"I liked chess from the beginning and I wanted to learn it a lot, and I continued because I really liked it and I loved it," she told ERT about her victory in Attaleia (Ἀττάλεια, Turkish: Antalya), Turkey. "I feel very nice."

"Most of the guys were playing well, they were among the top in their countries and I had 8 wins and a draw. I played chess calmly and did well," said the 9-year-old champion.

Before conquering Europe, Marianda, who belongs to the Aigli Papagou Sports and Cultural Club, was five times champion of Greece.

The president of the Group, Ioannis Panagakos, was her first teacher. "Great hits, the biggest being a gem in character, she had a lot of passion."

The Lambou family has another champion. Haris, Marianda's little brother, is the Greek champion for children under 8 years old.

"I like it because it is a sport not with the body but with the mind," said Haris.

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