Poll: New Democracy leads SYRIZA by 6.9%

Tsipras and Mitsotakis new democracy syriza poll

At only 6.9 points, the minor difference between the ruling New Democracy and opposition party SYRIZA was recorded in a poll conducted by Interview on behalf of POLITIC.

New Democracy maintains the lead, however, the difference with SYRIZA decreases to 6.9% from 7.3% the previous month.

Detailed percentages in the intention to vote:

ND 32.3% (from 32.4%)
SYRIZA 25.4% (from 25.1%)
PASOK 10.2% (from 10.9%)
KKE 6.1% (from 6.5 %)
Greek Solution 4.8% (from 5%)
Mera25 3.5% (from 3%)
National Creation 1.5% (from 1.6%)
Greeks for the Homeland 1.3% (from 1.2 %)
Undecided 8.1% (from 7.9%)

1 45

Small losses for the ND due to interceptions

The phone tapping scandal appears to be an issue of significant institutional importance, but without having the corresponding weight in shaping the political consciousness of citizens.

Specifically, almost 85% of the respondents answered that the wiretapping issue has not influenced them in which party they will vote. On the contrary, only 12.7% said they would have voted for ND if not for the wiretapping scandal.

3 18

ND's Kyriakos Mitsotakis' suitability for prime minister is consistently high as he leads with 47%, while SYRIZA's Alexis Tsipras receives 31%. Both are down one unit.

The prime minister is in first place in terms of the popularity of political leaders, since 47.3% have a positive/rather positive opinion (from 44% of the previous measurement).

PASOK's Nikos Androulakis appears more strengthened (31.9%) in compared to the previous month's measurement (26.7%) and is in second place in popularity.

Alexis Tsipras gathers 31.7% of the positive votes (from 32.4%) while Dimitris Koutsoubas (KEE) is stable at 27.6%. They are followed by Yanis Varoufakis (MeRA25) with 25.3% (from 22.1%) and Kyriakos Velopoulos (Greek Solution) with 10.5% (from 11.2%).

One in three has bought products from the "Household Basket"

The "household basket" after three weeks of its implementation, becomes a measure that seems to be accepted by consumers as 1 in 3 has benefited from the initiative. In particular, 35% say they have bought products belonging to the household basket, in contrast to 61% who have not yet used them.

4 11

However, the major issue of accuracy continues to concern the vast majority of citizens. In particular, punctuality, the Greek economy and national issues are at the top of the list of the biggest problems facing the country.

These are issues that cause uncertainty and insecurity and affect both family and business planning.

According to the poll, the ruling party seems to be the most capable to manage all the issues of the country, as it registers in almost everything, twice the percentages compared to SYRIZA.

However, it is worth noting that SYRIZA (28.9%) appears more suitable to manage transparency issues than ND (26.1%), although the percentage of the answer "neither party" (32.2 %) surpasses the two major parties.

This fact indicates that both ND and SYRIZA have not convinced the citizens of the policy they are pursuing regarding the issue of wiretapping.

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