Turkish analyst: Our mini "aircraft carrier" is useless in the Aegean

TCG Anadolu Turkish aircraft carrier

The mini Turkish aircraft carrier, reserved for missions in the Mediterranean and peacetime, was described by an analyst as being "useless" in the Aegean Sea.

The Turks are doing the final tests on the Anadolu, the Turkish mini aircraft carrier, for which they had and have big plans.

But Kozan Selçuk Erkan, a well-known Turkish Defence and Maritime Researcher, emphasised that TCG Anadolu will not be able to operate in the Aegean, as there "are geographical conditions that put us at a great disadvantage".

"For this reason, TCG Anadolu will be a ship that will show the flag around the world, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean," he added.

"This type of amphibious ships is the safest and easiest way to deliver aid anywhere in the world," he said.

Useless Turkish "floating fortress", as the Turks call Anadolu, in the Aegean.

And it's not just Anadolu. The Aegean is inaccessible to the Turkish Navy, which is why they are increasingly referring to the Eastern Mediterranean.

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