Anna Vissi and Nikos Karvelas: The former couple share a tender hug - Watch the video

Anna Vissi Nikos Karvelas

Anna Vissi's good relations with Nikos Karvelas is well known and the two have kept close personal and professional contact despite their separation. However, their shared snapshots on social networks are not frequent.

On the occasion of the birthday of their daughter, Sofia Karvela, who lives permanently abroad, the duo who together have created some of the most timeless musical hits, were immortalised in a tender embrace.

The whole family was photographed in a well-known restaurant in the centre of Athens, with Sofia's cake dominating the table.

A video captured the moment the beloved singer took her ex-husband's hands and wrapped them around her waist, while a little later she whispered something in his ear .

The video was published the personal Instagram account of businessman Chrysanthos Panas, who maintains close relations with the family.

"Happy birthday Sofia Karvela! May your life always shine brightly! We are family and I love you," the businessman wrote in the caption of his post.

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