Greece might let the general public select their Eurovision finalist


Greece might allow the general public to vote for the country's Eurovision representative reports eurovision media blog Wiwi Bloggs

According to the media outlet, Greek national broadcaster, ERT, is reportedly considering opening up its internal selection to the public.

'Since 2018, Greece’s Eurovision entries have been selected internally by ERT through a committee of jurors. However, according to the To Paronnewspaper, andas reported by OGAE Greece, it is rumoured that ERT is considering using a national final and public vote for the 2023 contest.

'Of the 106 entries submitted to ERT, 30 entries have now progressed to the next stage, which will then be further narrowed down to a shortlist by ERT’s committee. This shortlist may then be showcased through a national final for a television audience to make the decision of who should represent Greece in Liverpool next year.'

ERT is reportedly considering this change in order to boost the popularity of Eurovision with its national audience.