Erdogan: "Greece does not sit quietly, it talks back and forth about us"

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"Greece is not sitting quietly," said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan when commenting on the recent "opening" to Egypt, hoping that there will be a complete normalisation between Ankara and Cairo.

Answering a question from a student - at his pre-election gathering in Iconium (Ἰκόνιον, Turkish: Konya), about his recent statement that: "In politics there is no permanent dissatisfaction and grudge", the Turkish president referred again to Greece, leaving open the possibility of a "rapprochement."

However, this rapprochement with the Athens in the future and after the elections in Turkey can only be achieved as long as Athens "sits" quietly, according to the Turkish president.

"There is no grudge in politics, what developments will take place in the future is a separate matter. But Greece is not sitting quietly. They are constantly talking about us. In fact, they are conducting a very special campaigns in the EU," said Erdogan.

He elaborated on the rapprochement moves with Egypt, after his recent handshake with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Qatar, saying that Turkey "has a special history with the people of Egypt."

Clearly annoyed by Greece's actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the close cooperation between Athens and Cairo, the Turkish president specifically stated: "In the period after these elections, a new period will open."

"Apart from our meeting with Mr. Sisi and the discussion on Turkey-Egypt relations at the leadership level, we have a special history with the people of Egypt. I told him that.

"Of course for a period of 9 years we experienced problems. That evening with the intervention of the Emir of Qatar we took that step and after that problem was overcome we had an extended meeting of 30-45 minutes with Mr. Sisi.

"We said that now the meetings of our ministers should begin and later we should expand and develop these talks. Our only concern is to resolve with you this dissatisfaction between you and Turkey."

Erdogan revealed that the next move between Turkey and Egypt will be an official meeting of Foreign Ministers Mevlut Cavusoglu and Sameh Shoukry respectively.

"In the Mediterranean there should not be such a problem between Turkey and Egypt. Of course we talked about very different things to each other," said the Turkish leader.

"From what I learned he himself was very pleased with this meeting and we shared the same satisfaction. Now the process has begun. May this process continue with our ministers.

"I will meet with him later. The power is ours, we must give to others. Here, it is not possible for Greece to reach this far. That's why I believe there will be good developments."

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