Unhinged Turkish Media: "We buy 'Made in Greece' air compressors", writes Sözcü

By 2 months ago

With the frontpage headline: "They put a 'Made in Greece' in the tender", Turkish opposition newspaper Sözcü was angered by Turkey's potential purchase of Greek-made air compressors.

"The term: 'Made in Greece' is included in the tender specification for eight high-pressure air compressors to be used by SAT commandos," commented the publication. The newspaper said that the tender shows the model of the specific air compressors, which in this case is Greek-made.

"The Greek-made Paramina air compressor, which is included in the tender specifications, does not have a representative office or service in Turkey. The address of the company also appears to be the region of Attica near Athens," writes the publication, making it known that Turkish businessmen with the same product filed an objection with the Turkish Ministry of the Interior.

In fact, businessman Murat Alişiroğlu told the newspaper that he was "shocked" when he saw the specific term in the tender, which - according to him - strengthens Greece.

"We are on the brink of war," he said, adding that for "national security" reasons, the Ministry of the Interior cannot procure air compressors from Greece.

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