New challenges from Erdogan: "Greece is increasing illegal practices against the Turkish minority"

recep tayyip erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took the opportunity to criticise Greece for its attitude towards the so-called "Turkish minority" in Western Thrace during his speech at an economic conference.

"Today, anti-Islamism is one of the most frequently used tools of Western politicians to garner votes, and they do not hesitate to engage in the most fascist practices in relation to Muslim rights," the Turkish president initially said.

"Illegal headscarf restrictions in some European countries are the most prominent example. Preventing people from practicing their religion, interfering with beliefs by force, is like reviving the spirit of the medieval Inquisition," he added.

And the Turkish leader continued, aiming his anger towards Greece.

"The recognition of March 15 as the Day to Combat Islamophobia by the UN General Assembly is a message to the international community," Erdogan added.

"Unjust and illegal practices against the Muslim Turkish minority in Greece continue to increase. The religious leaders of our brothers in Greece are not recognised, their foundations and rights are usurped," the Turkish president said, referencing to the Imams appointed by the Greek State, just as Turkey does.

"They refuse to identify themselves. The Islamic world should no longer be a spectator to the suffering of my brothers who are being persecuted in Greece," he said, falsely alluding to a "Turkish minority" in Western Thrace, which the Treaty of Lausanne recognise as a "Muslim minority."

"You are aware of the violations of the rights of our Turkish Cypriot brothers," Erdogan added.

Speaking about the refugee issue, which has arisen from the conflicts in Syria, he said: “One of the issues that has concerned the Islamic world for more than 10 years is the conflict in Syria."

"As Turkey, we duly fulfill the duty of brotherhood, hosting more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees on our lands and supporting millions of them within Syria's borders. Islamic countries should show a stronger will and support efforts for a political solution," the Turkish president concluded.

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