Giwta Iwannidou's first message since breaking up with Snik: "Me watching my DMs" (VIDEO)

giwta iwannidou snik

Snik and Iota Ioannidou (Giwta Iwannidou) have decided to go their separate ways after their trip to the Maldives. In fact, the trapper unfollowed her on Instagram and refollowed his ex-partner, Iliana Papageorgiou.

The two had been in a relationship since June, with the news of their relationship becoming known after their trip to Paris. In fact, sometime later there were rumours that they were even engaged.

After news broke about their separation, Iota Ioannidou made her first post on her personal Instagram account.

More specifically, she published a video in her story and wrote: "Me watching my DMs".

Watch the video:

At the beginning of their relationship, Iota worked in the catering industry and at the same time took photoshoots and featured in video clips.

In fact, she has also modelled for the brand of Ioanna Touni, as the photos on her Instagram profile show.

Snik first unfollowed Iliana in September after she exposed revealing details about their relationship to "Our Breakfast" show. The model said that although she did not regret being in a relationship with the trapper, she could not tolerate some of his behaviours.

Over the European summer, the trapper had been in the news several times, and all for the wrong reasons. First, there was the incident in Katerini club and his friends came to blows with other patrons.

A few days later in Thessaloniki,a video showed him having an intense argument with a teenageron the street.

Another incident also came to light as another trapper uploaded a photo of Snik and "warned" him that he would upload videos of him being beaten.

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