Lefteris Pantazis: "We might have Eurovision success with Pontian influence"

Lefteris Pantazis

Lefteris Pantazis talked about the possibility of participating in Eurovision, his daughter, Konnie Metaxa, and the results that appear next to his name in a Google search.

The well-known singer spoke to the "Who's in the morning" show and referred to the offer made to him to represent Greece in the song contest.

"They made me a proposal for Eurovision this year as well. I said if I'm going, it has to be an uplifting song with a nice beat. If it is even a little Pontian, we might even have some success," he said.

His publicist then revealed what appears next to his name in a Google search. As he said, the word that comes out is "died."

"My God! You tell the truth? I have no idea. This is grim stuff, let's not talk about it. Life is good," he said.

Finally, he referred to his daughter, Konnie Metaxa and clarified that he does not want to comment on her statements.

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