New threats from Turkey: "USA and France are spoiling Greece; When they're alone, they will face us"

İbrahim Kalın Ibrahim Kalin

Faithful to continues provocations, Turkey once again threatened Greece, this time through the mouth of İbrahim Kalın.

The representative of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in speaking to A Haber, went so far as to claim that Greece is violating Turkish territorial waters and airspace. In fact, he added that Athens relies on other powers such as the USA and France.

He then stated that Ankara wants peace, reconciliation and cooperation with Greece and claimed that the policy of the Greek government is aggressive towards his country.

At the same time, the spokesperson urged "the USA and France not to spoil Greece and to advise it to cooperate with Turkey", according to what SKAI reported.

An excerpt from İbrahim Kalın's statements:

"The opposite steps will not go unanswered by Turkey. We answer them. Turkey does not remain without reaction.

"That is, when they violate our territorial waters, our airspace, when there are allegations and accusations against us, when there are border violations, when there is propaganda and actions against Turkey then Turkey does not remain inactive. In the end, Greece does not gain from this.

"If Greece has adopted the policy of 'transgression' against Turkey on another 'big wave', it should know that this big wave does not continue forever. Waves come and go.

"What will you do if this wave goes back or when there is no wave? What will you do when you are faced with Turkey? You don't need all that, that's what we always say.

"To the United States and some European countries, let me name them, especially France... Our appeal to them is this: Do not encourage Greece to adopt a spoiled attitude in which it will take advantage of these conditions.

"They (including these countries) should also advise it and recommend to Greece that common sense dictates in this direction. We will all benefit from this."

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