Cihat Yaycı calls on Erdoğan to cancel the new Greece-Egypt agreement

Cihat Yaycı

Alarm bells are evidently ringing in Turkey as the nationalist-influencer Cihat Yaycı - retired admiral and theoretician of the "Blue Homeland" - reacted after the signing of the new agreement between Greece and Egypt for joint search and rescue operations (SAR).

The former Chief of the General Staff of the Naval Forces of Turkey, and head of the Centre for Naval and Strategic Studies of the private Bakhceşehir University, aims his fire at Ankara because it did not react to the Athens-Cairo agreement, which means - according to him - an immediate acceptance of the infamous "Charter of Seville" to define the areas of maritime jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"After the handshake in Qatar between our Mr. President and Sisi, the next day Greek Foreign Minister Dendias hastily went to Cairo and there he signed an agreement on search and rescue," Yaycı told Turkish media. "

However, this agreement violates the area of ​​responsibility for search and rescue rescuing Turkey and in fact is not satisfied with that, but does not count on it at all. And at this point it means accepting Greece's Seville map," Yaycı added, before asking the Erdoğan government to take "appropriate actions" in order to cancel the Greece-Egypt agreement or officially declare that it does not recognise it.

"Turkey must take the necessary steps to cancel this agreement. And even if it is not cancelled, it will be crucial for Turkey to state with a statement that it does not recognise it," concluded the "Blue Homeland" theoretician who has recently been intensifying his indirect criticism of the Turkish government.

With the latest post on social networks, the Centre for Shipping and Global Strategy, headed by Yaycı, "nails" the Turkish government for the fact that the floating drilling rig "Abdulhamid Khan" did not go out for work in the... "Blue Homeland" but ended up in the Gulf of Antalya NE of occupied Cyprus.

According to the NAVTEX issued, the work will take place from December 2nd to January 23rd.

“Again Disappointment. The new NAVTEX has been announced for the operations of the drillship Abdulhamid Khan until 31/1/2023 off the coast of Silifke. We are stuck on the 'Map of Seville' again. What you don't use is not yours," the post said, with indirect shots at the Turkish government.

The "Map of Seville" that haunts Yaycı - and not only - is the result of work by the University of Seville - in the early 2000s - to depict the Exclusive Economic Zones of EU member countries, according to the Law of the Sea of ​​1982.

Based on this particular map, the Greek and Cypriot EEZs are connected, which Turkey does not accept.

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