Snik and Iota Ioannidou: The fierce fight at home that involved police and led to their separation

Giwta_Iwannidou, Giwta Iwannidou, Snik Snik and Giwta Iwannidou

Although the breakup of Snik and Iota Ioannidou (@giwta_iwannidou) has consumed Greek media over the past few days, the circumstances on why they separated was not known, until now - in part.

The trapper, after his breakup, refollowed his ex-girlfriend Iliana Papageorgiou on Instagram, which he took back one day later.

According to the To Proinono show, the background to the couple's separation was revealed. More specifically, a wild fight, about two weeks ago, at Snik's house in the northern suburbs, led them to their final end and even made the model reach out to the local police station.

Iota Ioannidou did not proceed with a lawsuit, however the incident was recorded by the authorities, according to what was said in the report of the ANT1 morning show.

Watch the video:

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