Turkish media triggered by Greece's new drone

Greek drone Talos turkish media

A test flight of a Greek-made drone was discovered by Turkish media and judging by their reaction, they were certainly triggered by this development.

Turkish media, in their attempt to create impressions on the Turkish public, talked about the... "first Greek drone" and immediately the internet users in the neighbouring country "took it upon themselves" to post mocking comments such as "it looks more like a toy".

“I love the antenna. They took it out of the old movie," wrote a Turkish user. "Made my day.. Thank you Greeks" said another.

"After baklava, doner and tzatziki, the Greeks also copy Turkish drones," wrote Turkige, claiming that the Greek company has almost copied the Turkish UAV Alpkus.

Similar reports were made by the website turkiyegazetesi which stated the following: "While the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed in Turkey attracted the attention of the whole world, an anecdotal news came from Greece...."

What is the Talos?

It should be noted that the team behind the development of Talos uploaded a video on their Instagram account that shows for the first time the UAV making a test flight.

This flight was of short duration and developed completely smoothly in all its phases. And in all probability it had to do with studying the aerodynamics of the small drone.

The company wrote on Instagram: "The first bet with ourselves, to prove that we have the strength to do something innovative, regarding unmanned vehicles in Greece, at a time when few had heard of this technology."

The characteristics of Talos are quite interesting, as it is a relatively large drone, with a length of 4.4 metere, a speed of 180 km/h, a radius of action of about 500 km and the possibility of a load (gross) of up to 200 kg.

Watch the video posted by the company and reproduced by the Turkish media:


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