MAGNA GRAECIA: March of the Dionisyan Cult in Crotone, Italy (VIDEO)

Crotone Magna Graecia Italy

A march of a Dionisyan Cult was performed on Thursday at the T.R.A.C.C.E Festival in Crotone, southern Italy (Magna Graecia) by the the Scuola di danza Olimpia - "Le Krotoniadi" settore danza Magno Greca.

In uploading a video their Facebook page, the Scuola di danza Olimpia wrote: "Cultural memory and territorial identity. We thank the Municipality of Crotone for the invitation."

The Scuola di danza Olimpia - "Le Krotoniadi" settore danza Magno Greca is a traditional revivalist dance group from the Ancient Greek-founded city of Crotone in southern Italy, historically known as Magna Graecia (Greater Greece).

Crotone is a city and comune in Calabria. It was founded c. 710 BC as the Achaean colony of Kroton (Ancient Greek: Κρότων or Ϙρότων) in Magna Graecia, it was known as Cotrone from the Middle Ages until 1928, when its name was changed to the current one.

Croton's oikistes (founder) was Myscellus, who came from the city of Rhypes in Achaea in the northern Peloponnese. He established the city in c. 710 BC and it soon became one of the most flourishing cities of Magna Graecia with a population between 50,000 and 80,000 around 500 BC.

Its inhabitants were famous for their physical strength and for the simple sobriety of their lives. From 588 BC onwards, Croton produced many generations of winners in the Olympics and the other Panhellenic Games, the most famous of whom was Milo of Croton.

Although over the centuries the region was heavily Latinised, there is a Hellenic revivalism occurring in Crotone.

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