Onassis Foundation launches Panhellenic digital competition for schoolchildren

The Onassis Foundation has announced the launch of a Panhellenic digital competition for schoolchildren giving them the opportunity to discover the world of sculpture and create digital works inspired by the life and work of the great Greek sculptor Yanoulis Halepas, whilst also winning prizes and equipment for their schools.

"History, new technologies, art and the imagination are all the tools you need to win prizes and equipment for your school."

Children studying at secondary schools across Greece, and at Greek schools around the world, are being offered the chance to discover the novel-like life and iconic work of the great Greek sculptor Yanoulis Halepas in creative ways. A range of notable drawings, casts, sculptural masterpieces, personal items, accounting ledgers used as sketchbooks, and rare archival materials are made food for thought, entering classrooms to be turned into something new.

Greek cultural heritage, history of art, and yesteryear are being brought into contact with new technologies, and the ideas teenagers have about how these materials can be turned into VR and AR applications, digital games and storytelling videos.

Put together your own school team, enrich history learning, and unleash the creativity of a new generation, giving them the chance to develop new digital skills inspired by one of Greece’s most major sculptors.

Put together a school team and send your digital proposal by Friday, February 10, 2023 via classroom.onassis.org.

Online, via a digital platform.

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