"Our two countries will see even more prosperous achievements," says Emirati Ambassador

UAE Emirati Ambassador Sulaiman Al Mazrouei countries

Emirati Ambassador Sulaiman Al Mazrouei said that "the relations between Greece and the United Arab Emirates, two friendly countries, are constantly expanding."

In his speech at the reception held on Friday at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the celebration of his country's national anniversary, the UAE ambassador to Greece pointed out that economic relations have gained strong momentum, "especially during the recent high-level visits exchanged between the two friendly leaderships."

In fact, he characterised the recent visit of the President of the UAE Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Greece as a milestone for the development of bilateral relations and expressed his confidence that they will further strengthen.

He underlined that the UAE and Greece have developed intergovernmental relations, with more than 50 agreements and a fund of more than $ 4 billion. He placed particular emphasis on the development of sustainable economic ties to strengthen bilateral business activities (B2B).

He also said that they are now "more encouraged and optimistic that the economic relations between our two countries will see even more prosperous achievements."

The Emirati ambassador stressed that the UAE supports diplomacy over conflict, cooperation over unilateralism and dialogue over confrontation, adding that the UAE will always stand by its close friends and strategic allies.

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