Traditional meat shops are shutting down! Pita souvlaki now up to €4.30 in Crete!

meat shop pita souvlaki

The favourite food of the Greeks, the souvlaki, is now suffering from the cost-of-living crisis as many meat shops are forced to shut down their stores or lay off staff. One after another, many shops in traditional neighbourhoods of Athens are forced to close.

"Everyday colleagues close, the problem is serious. We are in danger of closing down, too; I don't know if we will survive, we are firing staff, and people I have had for 20 years are left without a job. We are trying to keep the prices, but it is impossible because you can see what is happening daily," said a businessman on Mega TV.

A bond that until a while ago was considered cheap for most citizens now its price has gone up. It is indicative that for a family of four, the favourite habit of the weekend - and not only - is now prohibitive since they need at least 25 euros just for wraps and soft drinks.

According to Mega TV, the most expensive wrapped (pita) souvlaki is found in Crete, where its average price has climbed to 4.30 euros. Thessaloniki is next at 3.54, while souvlaki costs 3.30 euros in Athens.

Increases in raw materials such as sunflower oil and potatoes have led to an uncontrollable rise in product prices, making the beloved habits of Greeks prohibitive. Professionals fear that increases in energy and raw materials will continue and will necessarily continue to hold prices high.

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