Meet the "Amazon" of the Greek Airforce

Theodora Dourou amazon

29 year-old Theodora Dourou is a Greek fighter pilot who can be compared with the mythological Amazons. This is because she has distinguished herself in both International Aerial exercises, as well as in the field.

Dorou has taken part in many interceptions of Turkish aircraft violating Greece's airspace - in which quite a few resulted in engagements and the inevitable "kill" of her opposite number, thus making her distinguished in the Greek Air Force.

Theodora flies a Mirage 2000-5 and says: "There's no special treatment for women pilots in the Greek Airforce, we do the same things as our male colleagues and face the same challenges and dangers every day."

Another woman pilot in the Greek Air Force is in charge of training Italian fighter pilots. The Greek Airforce provides training to pilots from different countries that have chosen Greece for that purpose.

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a group of female warriors that were portrayed in a number of ancient epic poems and legends, such as the Labours of Hercules, the Argonautica and the Iliad. They were known for their physical agility and strength, archery and riding skills, and the arts of combat.

Their society was closed for men and they only raised their daughters, either killing their sons or returning them to their fathers, with whom they would only socialise briefly in order to reproduce.

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