Thessaloniki shop makes space burgers that you can eat without getting dirty!

space burgers thessaloniki

A burger like no other is now available in Thessaloniki. It's not a completely different taste compared to what we know, but you can eat it without getting dirty!

The owner said to Open TV that they looked like flying saucers and thus got the name space burgers.

"Because they have the shape of a flying saucer, we called them space burgers," said the owner of the business in Thessaloniki, which is shocking to consumers.

"It's a burger that someone can eat with one hand and not get dirty. We push it around, so it's closed," he said.

The owner said that he had seen them on a trip he had made, and "we did a lot of experiments in quarantine with my son and my wife at home, and this came out, which he likes. I will send you to try."

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