Network State: The Baghdad Forum is a board of unification of the greatest human traits

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In times of an unprecedented systematic crisis and outrageous political developments, the Armenian nation is following the formation of the new world order with great belief and responsibility, being deeply aware of its own role and responsibilities.

At the border of great developments of choosing the civilized path, humanity has no right to make a mistake.

Valuing the combination of the unique religious and cultural traits and creative potentials of all nations, while shifting from the depleted, exploiting, and parasite order towards the New Civilization, it's crucial and at the same time right to hold a special place for ancient civilizations who have a huge historical experience of coexistence and have gathered wisdom.

With deep belief we expect that one of the most important functions of The Baghdad Forum will be:

Taking the role of creating the balanced coexistence of humanity, the unique mission of organizing and leading the global pursuit marking the civilized shift towards the new world.

The Armenian nation, from all around the globe, being true to its historical mission, with the continuing and various programs, shows its readiness to serve, with great devotion and responsibility, to the creation of the New Balanced World of Humanity.

We perceive the Baghdad Forum as a board of unification of the greatest human traits, as the building of a new, sacred Ziggurat, and as opposition fighting against the glory and materialism of eternal tower-building.

Network State Panarmenian Movement:
The «COUNCIL OF 12» of the Armenian intelligentsia:

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