Cihat Yaycı accuses Mitsotakis of wanting to divide Turkey with the Megali Idea

Cihat Yaycı

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsoatakis was accused by Turkish nationalist influencer and retired admiral Cihat Yaycı of "grandiose idealism" aimed at the integrity of Turkey.

The theoretician of the so-called "Blue Homeland" made the comments following the Greek Prime Minister's recent statements on the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster, which Yaycı, as usual , falsely interpreted according to his aspirations and goals.

"The prime minister of Greece is clearly asking for territory from Turkey and he sees the western part of Anatolia as his territory," the retired admiral claimed.

"He states: 'In 1922 we left a part of our nation in Asia Minor.' A very diplomatic and rounded phrase. It can be interpreted in various ways, but the one who understood, understood," he declared defiantly, then pointed out: "Mitsotakis shows his goal, shows the Megali Idea (Great Idea)".

Yaycı, who recently called on Ankara to intervene to cancel the new Greece-Egypt agreement on joint search and rescue (SAR) operations, spoke on Emrah Iriç's popular web show, on the topic: "Plan to take over Turkey in ten moves. The plan of the 'Great Idea'."

The Megali Idea was a nationalist concept to revive the Byzantine Empire by expanding the Greek state, which would include the large Greek populations that were still under Ottoman rule after the end of the Greek War of Independence (1821–1828) and all the regions that had large Greek populations (parts of the Southern Balkans, Asia Minor and Cyprus).

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