The craziest conspiracy theory in Greece: "Does the city of Kilkis really exist?"

Kilkis Macedonia Greece conspiracy theory

Social media users have concocted the craziest conspiracy theory in Greece and are seemingly unable to give an accurate answer as to whether or not the city of Kilkis actually exists.

No one can know how urban legends and conspiracy theories begin. However, in some strange way they travel by word of mouth and spread very rapidly. Something like this has happened with the city of Kilkis in Macedonia - a city that for many does not exist.

It seems that there are many who believe it and even write it publicly on platforms, such as Reddit or Twitter.

With a simple search for the word "Kilkis" you will find dozens of comments, photos or even videos from users who wonder about the existence of this city, stating that they "have never met anyone from there."

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As seen in the comments, some even labelled Kilkis as the "Australia of Greece", due to the fact that many conspiracies question the existence of the massive Oceanian island.

A video was uploaded on YouTube by ATLAS TV of Central Macedonia, in which young people from Kilkis are asked if they know the mayor of the city, is also impressive.

Is it also a coincidence that almost no one knows his name?

Is there anyone who can give us a reasonable explanation as to what is happening with Kilkis?

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