Despina Vandi's daughter became blonde - See the photo

Despina Vandi

The daughter of Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis, Melina Nikolaidi, has become a blonde. Strangely, many even wondered if the young woman's new look is perhaps due to a wig!

Melina makes sure to selectively share with her social media followers moments from her everyday life since she maintains a private profile on Instagram, however, several times her mother makes sure to publish images with her daughter through her own personal account.

The 18-year-old has returned from England and is in Greece enjoying moments with her family and her lover, Alexandros Polychroniadis.

Through a post by Despina Vandi, Melina was photographed with her new blonde hair and posed for the camera.

The makeup artist Vsso Nakopoulou, who does Despina Vandi's makeup, was the one who first published the photo of Melina.

In the photo, the 18-year-old, who is studying acting in London, is seen with her blonde hair tied in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. The youngster wore black jeans and a black T-shirt and smiled for the camera, revealing the changes to her social media followers.

See the photo:

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Elsewhere, the paparazzi lens captured Melina in tender moments with her lover, Alexandros Polychroniadis. This is the 34-year-old personal trainer, with whom Despina Vandi's daughter is in a relationship with.

Melina was at the nightclub where her mother performs, in her first joint public appearance with her partner. The magazine OK! posted photos of the couple from their night out.

In the snapshots, Melina and Alexandros seemed to be having fun, while there was no shortage of kisses and hugs.

Look at the pictures:

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The 18-year-old recently shared on Instagram a tender image of herself with her beloved partner in a story. More specifically, she uploaded a black and white snapshot in which they appear to be holding each other's hand.

The photo was published by her on Instagram Story and Alexandros republished it on his own profile.

See the photo:

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Who is the partner of Melina Nikolaidis?

Alexandros is a gymnast and volleyball player. Some time ago, Melina had published an image where she was doing pilates with her mother, Despina Vandi, and in the story they uploaded to Instagram, she had tagged Alexandros.

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In another of her posts, Melina announced that she had been at one of his matches and described him as the "libero of our heart". The AEK volleyball player, which is also the club of her father Nikolaidis, who was a football player of the team as well as its president.

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