FM spox: Greece exercises its rights by respecting Int'l Law, not by signing illegal 'memoranda'

By 2 months ago

Greece exercises its sovereign rights by fully respecting International Law and the Law of the Sea, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday, "unlike those who sign illegal and unfounded 'memoranda' that ignore and violate basic rules" of these two sets of law.

Papaioannou was responding to a story by Anadolu news agency in which the Libyan Foreign ministry of the Tripoli government criticized Greece for "taking advantage of the Libyan crisis" and for "establishing fait accompli" in the delimitation of maritime zones.

The ministry claimed the latter by referring to agreements for hydrocarbon research and exploration with international companies.
Greece, noted the Greek FM spokesperson, has signed Exclusive Economic Zone agreements with Egypt and Italy that fully respect international laws. At the same time, he noted that the obligation of Libya's transitional government is to lead the country to elections.

"We look forward to collaborating in a spirit of sincerity and mutual respect - and always within the framework of International Law and the Law of the Sea regulations - with an elected Libyan government, which will have the legitimacy and jurisdiction to sign valid international agreements, according to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) Roadmap of 2020," spokesperson Papaioannou said.

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