Turkish media imagine a Greek invasion of Anatolia from Lesvos, Chios and Samos

Turkish media

Turkish media and analysts are imagining a Greek military "invasion" of Anatolia from Lesvos, Chios and Samos, and in this way they are faithfully following the government's line of creating an "external enemy" in view of the crucial 2023 Presidential Elections in Turkey.

Speaking on pro-government network Haber Global, and in front of a map showing the militarised islands of the Aegean, the university professor and retired lieutenant general Özgür Tör commented on Greece's moves with its new military equipment.

According to him, the new military equipment do not help to make the Aegean a "Sea of ​​Peace".

"If we look at this map, one does not need to be a military analyst to understand who is aggressive and who is trying to solve the issues in a military way. When we tried to show the points of the Greek armaments on the islands, no empty space was left on the map and it was all filled," said Tör.

"The Aegean cannot become a 'Sea of ​​Peace' like this," he added.

Strengthening the provocative rhetoric even more, the presenter-journalist Saynur Tezel added to Tör's statement that: "in 1919 the Greeks came to Smyrna from Lesvos, Chios and Samos" meaning that these islands would be used as a base for an attack on Turkey.

"The reason for their demilitarisation is specific. Kemal Atatürk insisted that they be demilitarised, because on May 15, 1919, at the landing of Smyrna, they came from those three islands," she said defiantly.

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