IRNA: Didn't Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan hold military exercises against Armenia's territorial integrity?

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Iran's IRNA news agency has run an article, entitled "Answers to the questions of President Elham Aliyev," in which it gave comprehensive answers to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's questions about Azerbaijan’s relations with neighbouring countries, particularly Armenia and Iran.

The article reads as follows:

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has recently raised some questions about the relations between Baku and Tehran.

He said that he has worked with three presidents in Iran, but [at the present time] the tension in the relations between the two countries has never been at this high level.

Mr Aliyev should be asked what are the reasons for the ups and downs of the relations between the two neighbors today.

The first question of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was why the Iranian military exercise was held in the northwestern borders. We should ask him which country opened the chapter of the military exercise in the region?

Didn't the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with Turkey and Pakistan, hold an exercise in Nakhichevan against the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia? This exercise was before the exercise of Conquest of Khyber by the Iranian armed forces.

Iran's exercise was held to support the territorial integrity of the countries in the region, while Azerbaijan's exercise violated Armenia's territorial integrity.

Why didn't Mr Aliyev complain about the exercise at that time?!

He not only did not complain, but also made historical claims about Armenian lands at the summit of Turkic-speaking countries, and said that he is trying to use the military route to open the Zangzor [i.e., Zangezur] Corridor and annex a part of Armenia to his territory.

Such an action means effort to change the geopolitics of the region, threaten the geographical borders, violate the territorial integrity of a country and create new conflicts; and Iran cannot be indifferent to it.

Iran's political and military authorities announced that the exercises of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not a threat to any of its neighbors and are held with the aim of supporting the territorial integrity of the countries in the region.

Just as Iran supported the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the issue of Karabakh and seven cities of this country, it also supports the territorial integrity of Armenia based on its principled policy; because the continuation of regional conflict and insecurity is a barrier to Iran's economic cooperation with its neighbors.

Elham Aliyev's other question, which was a clear interference in Iran's internal affairs, was raised while he expressed his opinion about the Azeri-speaking regions of Iran.

He knows very well that the ten million population of Azerbaijan are of Iranian descent and have been rudely separated from their homeland. Now, if such [wrong] historical claims are to be made, Iran will have a lot to say.

The Islamic Republic of Iran recognized the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan and did not seek to make historical claims in order to maintain friendship with this country, and it is better for Mr Aliyev to leave the historical issues to the historians and allow the two countries to have good relations with each other.

The third question of Mr Aliyev was about Iran's relations with Armenia; the relations which he is trying to instill as an obstacle to his success in the war with Armenia.

The relations between Iran and Armenia are within the framework of Tehran's policy of strengthening relations with neighbors and are not against any other country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran takes its principled position in regional developments, and supports the territorial integrity of its neighbors including Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan; meanwhile, the country opposes change of geographical borders.

Unfortunately, the Republic of Azerbaijan, regardless of Iran's principled position, is seeking to strengthen relations with the occupying Zionist regime [i.e., Israel] in an irrational reaction, while this action creates new problems for the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Zionist regime of Israel is by no means a friend of Muslim states, especially Shia countries, and it is trying to establish its influence in Baku.

Israel is America's operational arm in the region, and America has always sought to create velvet revolutions in countries like the Republic of Azerbaijan, which even Mr Aliyev has acknowledged.

Relations between Iran and Armenia are logical and based on neighborhood policy, but the presence of the Zionist regime in Azerbaijan is accompanied by conspiracy which is also organized for Azerbaijan's neighbors

The future of Israel's relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan cannot serve the interests of this country.

We hope that Mr Aliyev, who is an experienced person, will accept the realities of the region and, avoid interfering in the affairs of the neighboring countries.

Mr Aliyev knows that Iran is seeking friendship with neighbors, has no intention of attacking any country and protects territorial integrity of the neighboring countries to follow its principled positions.

Iran advises the Republic of Azerbaijan to recognize the realities of the region and understand the Zionist regime's plots.

In practice, Iran proved that it carefully monitors the movements of its enemies, especially the occupying regime; and if necessary, Tehran puts preventive measures on its agenda.

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